Below are guidelines / next steps to completing your vendor account setup:


Complete Store Profile Details

  • Navigate to and click on the "Settings" tab in your vendor account dashboard.
  • Complete store profile setup by filling in store address, phone (optional), terms and conditions (optional) and store biography (a short synopsis about the store).
  • Click the "Update Settings" button once completed.

Review Payment Details

  • Payment details were set whiles registering a vendor account. Review and update where necessary.
  • To make changes to your default PayPal email address in future, you'll do so here. 

Setup Shipping

  • Setting shipping determines the countries and regions you'll want to deliver products to. Customers in these defined areas will be able to order from your store. Customers from any other country / region won't be able to checkout your products.
  • There are predefined shipping zone names and countries to make setting shipping easier. Click on the "add shipping method" link for the respective zone name with regions you want to ship to and enter the methods and cost of shipping.
  • Alternatively, click on the link "If you want to use the previous shipping system then Click Here" to manually select countries and regions of choice. Also make sure to set store policies for shipping.

Link Social Media Accounts

  • If you have any social media accounts, you can link them to your vendor account by entering your social media account url in the corresponding fields.

Set Returns Policy

  • The Return and Warranty section defines how you plan to handle returns  if an item has faults.
  • If no returns, select "No Warranty" from the type drop down.
  • In some cases, Afriket's return policy will supercede all other. Afriket's return policy can be found in the Merchant Terms and Conditions.

Set Store SEO

  • SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization and the information you enter in this section determines what information is displayed in search engine result searches.
  • The information in the tool tip will serve as a guide in completing this section.
  • Once completed, make sure to save changes.

Once completed, you can return to the dashboard by clicking on the "Back to Dashboard" tab. You can now go ahead to create new products.

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